DMC Iron On Hotfix Crystal Rhinestones Light Topaz

$ 5.59

Diamante Machine Cut Rhinestones Light Topaz

DMC Rhinestones

DMC Hotfix Rhinestones are also known as Diamante Machine Cut Rhinestones. They are a great substitute for Swarovski crystals. You get almost the same bling for half of the price. DMC Hotfix rhinestones have many facets which makes the light reflect on the stone brighter. Hotfix rhinestones can be applied using a hotfix tool or an iron. Heating the adhesive melts the rhinestone into the surface to form a strong, durable bond.

Hotfix rhinestones can be used for scrapbooking, they can be glued on fabrics, garments, shoes, handbags, cell phone cases etc.

Available in 4 different sizes!

1440 pieces for small, medium, and large sizes

288 pieces for extra large size